Administrative Orders
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Administrative Orders

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1-14.0Uniform Intra-Circuit Conflict ResolutionRGM10/04/1991
1-29.4Standards, Requirements & Procedures Governing Certified Process Servers - Hardee, Highlands & Polk CountiesJDL08/31/2009
1-50.1Selection and Payment of Court Appointed Expert WitnessesDGJ06/29/2017
1-20.11Security Within the Highlands County CourthouseDGJ05/15/2017
1-12.13Security within Polk County CourthouseDGJ11/10/2016
1-33.2Security Within Hardee County CourthouseRAH01/06/2004
1-37.0Reassignment of Judges Upon Disqualification or RecusalRAH06/17/2004
1-40.0Re: Release of Inmates During Natural Disasters or Incidents Involving Weapons of Mass DestructionRAH02/10/2005
1-36.0Re: Recording of Final Judgements in Adoption & Termination of Parental RightsRAH01/30/2004
1-41.0Re: Procedures for Submission of Proposed Orders and Distribution of Signed OrdersRAH11/29/2005
1-34.0Re: Imaging and Microfilming of Sealed RecordsRAH09/05/2003
1-43.0Re: Court Interpreters Office OperationsRAH03/22/2006
1-19.1Procedures for Special Interest/High Profile ProceedingsJDL04/16/2008
1-25.0Possession of Court RecordsCAD02/28/1997
1-18.0Policy Statement and Civil Rights Complaint ProceduresRGM06/27/1995
1-32.1Policy Concerning Acceptance of GiftsCBC12/04/2000
1-27.0Petitions of the Florida Bar for Appointment of Inventory AttorneysCAD07/07/1997
1-5.4Personnel Policies for Judicial Employees (PDF)JDL01/04/2010
1-17.0Order Revoking Certain Local Rules and Renumbering OthersRGM06/30/1993
1-13.0Order Implementing Judicial EvaluationOLG05/28/1991
1-6.1On Dress in Courtrooms and Chambers and Decorum in and Near TheretoRGM04/27/1993
1-10.1Method for the Election of the Chief JudgeJDL10/15/2010
1-11.0Mandatory Use of Florida Bar NumbersWAN05/27/1988
1-24.0Maintenance of Jury Assembly AreaCAD07/15/1996
1-39.2Judicial Action on Cases Wherein The Clerk of Court Is Accepting Partial Payments on Filing Fees VACATED 10-20-05RAH10/19/2004
1-16.3In Re: Tenth Circuit Pro Bono CommitteeDGJ11/28/2017
1-48.0In Re: Ratification of the Tenth Judicial Circuit’s Committee on Professionalism and Creation of a Local Professionalism PanelWBS10/25/2013
1-42.0In Re: Judicial Annual LeaveRAH02/16/2006
1-35.2In Re: Electronic Access to court files by attorneys and governmental agencies or agentsWBS02/11/2014
1-15.3In RE: Duty Judge Assignment and ResponsibilitiesJDL07/30/2011
1-49.0In Re: Convening of Grand JuriesWBS01/08/2014
1-22.5In Re: Administrative plan for the Provision of Court Reporting Services involving Public ExpenseDGJ07/06/2015
1-7.7Fees and Per Diem for Court Reporting Services and Format for Transcripts (Updated 1-21-10)CBC10/01/2001
1-30.0Establishment of Local Bench Bar CommitteeCAD07/23/1998
1-23.1Employee Performance EvaluationsJDL08/17/2009
1-26.1Effective Communication with Individuals with Disabilities in Court Programs and ServicesCBC05/01/2001
1-15.1Duty Judge Assignment and ResponsibilitiesRAH07/28/2006
1-44.0Creation of Summary Reporting Oversight CommitteeJDL05/16/2008
1-31.0Court Policies Concerning Protests And DemonstrationsCAD11/09/1998
1-8.0County Canvassing BoardOLG02/21/1980
1-38.2Cost Associated with Due Process Services and the Representation of Indigent Persons When Counsel is Appointed by the CourtDGJ06/29/2017
1-28.0Code of Conduct for Staff Attorneys & Policies Concerning Staff AttorneysCAD09/04/1997
1-9.0Assignment of Official Court Reporters VACATED 08/11/2005RAH08/11/2005
1-1.51Assignment of Judges July 1, 2017 through January 1, 2018DGJ05/18/2017
1-1.50Assignment of Judges January 3, 2017 through June 30, 2017DGJ10/31/2016
1-1.52Assignment of Judges January 2, 2018 through July 1, 2018DGJ12/05/2017
1-46.0Appointment and Functions of General Magistrates and Hearing OfficersJDL07/30/2011
1-21.5Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990JDL05/21/2010
1-13.0AAmendment to A. O. 1-13.0RGM09/20/1991
1-4.0Administrative Orders - Definition & Scope - Issuance: Numbering & Distribution & Continuity ofRGM04/23/1993
1-3.0Additional Judicial Authority of County JudgesTML05/13/1983
Administrative Orders