Administrative Orders
3 - Civil

Administrative Orders

Order No SortTitle SortJudge SortDate Sort
3-1.1Notice of Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution in Civil CasesJDL02/01/2010
3-10.0Civil Mediation Program (Non-Family)WAN09/27/1988
3-11.0Fee for Extension of Time in Medical Malpractice Cases VACATED 6-6-06WAN10/23/1986
3-12.0Alternative Procedure for Selection of MediatorOLG04/01/1991
3-13.2Administrative Procedures in Civil Pro Se Indigency CasesCBC01/21/2000
3-14.1Mediation Fee for Circuit Court MediatorsCBC01/20/2001
3-15.15Standard Procedures and Language in Foreclosure Proceedings; Electronic Foreclosure Sales in Lieu of On-Site Auctions; Writs of PossessionDGJ07/03/2017
3-18.0Special Assignment of Cases in Section 7 for Administrative PurposesRGM04/22/1994
3-19.0Probable Cause Hearings in Forfeiture Actions - VACATED 1-06-2006 - RAHRGM04/19/1995
3-2.2Fee for Extension of Time in Medical Malpractice CasesJDL10/15/2009
3-20.1Re-Assignment and Assignment of Civil CasesCAD05/14/1996
3-21.0Special Order Vacating A.O. 3-21.0RAH05/10/2005
3-22.1Uniform Motion CalendarJDL09/25/2007
3-23.2Prisoner Lawsuits and Findings of InsolvencyRAH01/22/2004
3-24.2Special Assignment of Department of Transportation Cases to Project JudgesCBC02/02/2000
3-27.0Assignment of Professional Malpractice & Eminent Domain Cases To Civil DivisionCBC02/18/2002
3-28.1Re: Jimmy Ryce Civil Commitment CasesRAH07/19/2004
3-29.2Administrative Order No. 3-29.2 – Foreclosure Procedures and the Attachment AWBS08/27/2012
3-30.1In Re:Administrative Order for Case Management of Residential Foreclosure Cases and Mandatory Referral of Mortgage Foreclosure Cases Involving Homestead Residences to Mediation-SUSPENDEDJDL12/03/2010
3-31.0Notice of Intent to Dismiss or Close and Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution in Small ClaimsWBS10/03/2011
3-33.0In Re: Homestead Residential Mortgage Foreclosure MediationWBS04/11/2012
3-34.0In Re: Authorization for Senior Judges to preside over Foreclosure casesWBS02/13/2013
3-35.0In Re: Case Status Reporting Requirements for Real Property Mortgage Foreclosure CasesWBS01/15/2014
3-36.0In Re: Standard Procedures and Language for Hardee County Foreclosure Proceedings and Writs of Possession DGJ06/27/2016
3-37.0Cancellation of Pretrial Conferences in Small Claims CasesDGJ01/09/2017
3-4.0Disclosure of Hospital Patient Records in Civil Proceedings in and for the Tenth Judicial Circuit of FloridaRGM03/29/1993
3-5.5Order Providing for Case Management/Pretrial Conference in Civil Cases Attachments C & D Amended 8-20-09RAH12/20/2005
3-7.0Creation of Medical Malpractice Court-Ordered Arbitration Advisory CommitteeRGM03/15/1993
3-8.0County Court Civil Mediation ProgramsWAN09/04/1986
Order-CMCOrder Setting Case Management Conference AO 3-5.5
Order-DMOrder Directing Mediation AO 3-5.5
Order-EDOrder Setting Pretrial Conference, Jury Trial & Discover Deadline (Eminent Domain Cases) AO 3-5.5
Order-PTCOrder Setting Pretrial Conference and Nonjury Trial AO 3-5.5
Order-PTCJOrder Setting Pretrial Conference and Jury Trial and Directing Mediation AO 3-5.5
Administrative Orders