Administrative Orders
4 - Probate & Guardianship

Administrative Orders

Order No SortTitle SortJudge SortDate Sort
4-13.1Re: Magistrates - Probate DivisionJDL12/09/2009
4-14.0In Re: Return of Firearms in Baker Act CasesWBS10/25/2013
4-15.0In Re: Establishment of Sections 17 and 18 in the Probate DivisionDGJ06/06/2016
4-16.0In Re: Orders for the determination of Homestead Property in Formal AdministrationsDGJ06/14/2016
4-3.1 In Re Guardianship Procedures in the 10th CircuitDGJ12/30/2016
4-4.0Order Pertaining to Attorneys for Incapacitated PersonsOLG04/16/1991
4-7.4Guardianship Education RequirementsJDL09/10/2008
4-8.0Authority of Banks when Presented with Letters of Administration or GuardianshipRGM10/06/1994
4-9.1Protection of Guardianship FundsRGM03/12/1995
Administrative Orders