Administrative Orders
6 - Juvenile

Administrative Orders

Order No SortTitle SortJudge SortDate Sort
6-1.0On the Matter of Parents Being Liable for the Costs of the Public Defender in Juvenile ProceedingsRGM03/15/1993
6-10.2In Re: Appointment of Magistrates (PDF)JDL12/10/2009
6-11.1Providing System for Designation of Juvenile Devision Cases Being Heard By Judges And Magistrates VACATED 4-11-06RAH12/14/2004
6-12.0In Re: Compensation for Court Appointed Attorneys Ad Litem For The Representation of Children in Juvenile Dependency Proceedings VACATED 3-28-04RAH03/19/2003
6-13.0Establishment of General & Special Master For Proceedings Involving Violations of County Ordinances ORDER VACATED 12-15-04RAH12/15/2004
6-14.0Procedure ofr the First Appearance Hearing of Parents Arrested in Juvenile Delinquency Cases for the Non-Payment of Restitution, Court Costs & Attorneys' FeesRAH09/22/2003
6-15.0Designation of Juvenile Dependency Division Cases VACATED 4-11-06RAH10/14/2003
6-16.2In Re: Out of County Travel of Children in Juvenile Dependency Cases Pursuant to Chapter 39, Florida StatutesDGJ10/27/2017
6-17.0Juvenile Dependency Procedures - Supplemental Petitions Alleging DependencyRAH11/10/2005
6-18.0Re: Juvenile Dependency ProceduresRAH09/12/2006
6-19.0Re: Juvenile Dependency Pleading Procedures (PDF)JDL06/22/2009
6-2.0Providing System for Impartial Assignment of Juvenile Delinquency CasesRGM09/14/1992
6-20.0Re: Procedures For Shelter Hearings In The Juvenile Division (PDF)JDL08/20/2009
6-21-0RE: Procedures for Shelter Hearings in the Juvenile Division – Hardee and Highlands CountiesWBS08/30/2011
6-22.0In Re: Administrative Order Determining that the Teen Court Programs and Procedures in Polk and Highlands Counties Comply with the Requirements of §985.12, Florida StatutesWBS03/30/2012
6-3.0Juvenile Court Records VACATED 4-11-06RGM04/26/1993
6-4.0Access to Juvenile Court Records in Polk CountyRGM09/27/1993
6-6.0In Re: Citizen Review of Foster Care VACATED 4-11-06CAD02/01/1998
6-7.0In Re: Foster Care Administrative Reviews VACATED 4-11-06CAD06/01/1998
6-8.1Compensation for Court Appointed Counsel in Juvenile Dependancy VACATED 4-11-06RAH07/19/2004
6-9.1In Re: Judicial Waiver of Parental Notice of AbortionRAH02/06/2006
Administrative Orders