The Tenth Judicial Circuit History Committee

The Tenth Circuit Historical Committee was created by Administrative Order 7-15.0. Our mission is to:

  • Preserve the Circuit's rich judicial history
  • Promote public understanding of the legal system
  • Preserve the rich history of the Circuit by preservation of materials as well as preservation of pictures and interviews through electronic media
  • Disseminate the history of our courts to our community and share how the courts have served and built the community

The committee is active in gathering oral histories from senior attorneys and judges so the knowledge of the past is not lost when these interesting veterans of our Circuit pass on.

History Committee Members

Chief Judge Wm. Bruce Smith Chip Thullbery, Asst. State Attorney
The Honorable J. David Langford Nicholas Merriweather, Asst. State Attorney
The Honorable Mary Catherine Green, Co-Chairman Howardene Garrett, Asst. Public Defender
Samuel G. Crosby, Esquire, Co-Chairman Patrice Behnstedt, Asst. Public Defender
The Honorable Kevin Abdoney Hope Pattey, Asst. State Attorney
The Honorable Angela Cowden Jonathan B. Trohn, Esquire
The Honorable Peter Estrada David Bergdoll, Esquire
The Honorable Reinaldo Ojeda Nick Sudzina, Court Administrator
Amanda Traweek, Magistrate Torea Spohr, Asst. Public Defender
Dr. James M. Denham, Professor of History, Director,
The Lawton M. Chiles Jr. Center of Florida History,
Florida Southern College
Harold Bennett, Esquire
Myrtice Young, Historic Preservation Manager,
Polk County Historical Museum