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Court Interpretors

Hispanic and other non-English speaking populations continue to grow in the Tenth Judicial Circuit. Many are new immigrants, and experience language and cultural barriers with consequential difficulties accessing court proceedings. In response to the challenge of equal access to the Courts for all persons, the Tenth Judicial Circuit employs proficient interpreters to afford non-English speaking people the opportunity for meaningful participation in court proceedings and processes.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Tenth Judicial Circuit provides equal access and reasonable accommodations to all deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing-impaired persons in its court procedures. Whenever a person with a hearing impairment is party to a legal proceeding, chosen as a juror, or called as a witness, the Circuit employs a qualified sign language interpreter to assist.

The Tenth Judicial Circuit provides interpreters for over 40 diverse languages from Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Korean and Russian to Creole, Spanish and American Sign Language. Court Interpreters provide services in county and circuit criminal matters, first appearance hearings, child support and domestic violence injunction hearings, traffic and juvenile proceedings, and in mental health hearings. Interpreting services range from providing an interpreter to translate the courtroom exchange between an attorney and a non-English speaking witness to providing a signer to facilitate communication between a deaf person and the Court. A minimum of a 48 hour notice is needed to schedule exotic language interpreters. To learn more, please call Toni Godinez at (863) 534-7700.

Court Interpreters are provided for the following languages.
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