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Administrative Services

Current CJIS Policy

Administrative Services is composed of three main divisions: Budget Services, Finance and Accounting and General Services.

The budget services division oversees and manages the fiscal operations of the circuit. This division is responsible for developing, analyzing and monitoring operating budgets; managing and overseeing the purchasing of goods and services, processing of invoices, and preparation of budget amendments; providing fiscal support to Courts System management personnel; monitoring inventory control; and managing administrative functions, including overseeing preparation of complex financial reports. Budget Services directs and participates in development, preparation, submission and administration of operating budgets, ensuring compliance with applicable internal policies as well as county, state and federal laws. Budget services is essential for assisting the circuit in preparing budget requests, long range program planning, spending plans, budget amendments and other financial reports such as monthly expense and revenue reports.

The finance and accounting division manages the fiscal activities of the circuit and adheres to county, state, and federal rules, laws, and guidelines. Primary functions are purchasing, to provide statistical analysis, authorize grants, manage fixed assets (inventory), travel, maintain accounts payables and account receivables information.

The general services division is responsible for procuring commodities and services, contract implementation and management, and authorizing purchases as determined by the county, state, and federal rules, laws and guidelines.

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