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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Family Law and Dependency Mediation
County Small Claims Mediation


The ADR Services Department of the Tenth Judicial Court is currently conducting all Family, Dependency, and County Court (Small Claims and Landlord Tenant) cases via Zoom video and telephonic conferencing. For scheduling mediations please call 863-534-4698, or email the mediation staff at

Each of our staff mediators are Florida Supreme Court certified Family, Dependency, and County Civil mediators.

ADR Services also provides educational courses to support court requirements (Anger Is Manageable – AIM):

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Programs Online:

Contact Information

Phone: (863) 534 - 4698
Fax: (863) 534 - 4073

Director of Alternative
Dispute Resolution

Victor Martinez Reyes, PhD

Staff Mediators

Luisa Muller, Esq., LLM

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