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Court Divisions

The Tenth Judicial Circuit is comprised of five Circuit Court divisions: Civil, Criminal (Felony), Family, Juvenile, Probate, and County Court: Criminal (Misdemeanor), General Civil and Small Claims divisions.

Non-Criminal litigation matters are heard in the Civil Courts. The Circuit Civil Division has jurisdiction over matters in excess of $30,000. County Civil matters are those with a value of $8,000 to $30,000 and Small Claims to $8,000.”

Criminal Courts determine the facts and apply the law in criminal violations through the trial procedure. The Circuit Criminal (Felony) Division presides over all felony cases. The County Criminal Division presides over animal, marine, traffic infractions and traffic crimes, county and municipal ordinances and criminal misdemeanors.

The Family Court Division presides over all domestic matters, including divorce proceedings, child custody, paternity, adoption, support and visitation. This division also has jurisdiction over domestic violence injunctions.

The Juvenile Court is the division of the Circuit Court presiding over juvenile delinquency matters in which children under the age of eighteen have violated criminal law. In addition to juvenile delinquency, the Juvenile Court hears juvenile dependency cases in which children are purportedly abused, abandoned or neglected. In some cases, the Juvenile Judge determines whether or not parental rights are severed.

Probate Court governs the probate of wills, and the equitable administration of estates and trusts. This division conducts incompetency proceedings arising under the Baker and Myers Acts as prescribed in Florida Statute 394. The Probate Division also oversees public guardianship.

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