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Division Appeal Document Case Name Case Number Judge
Writs PDF icon 53-2020CA-003162-Grenfell_Mills_v._Polk_County_GG_II_Invest_Order_Denying_Petitioners_Petition_for_Writ_of_Certiorari.pdf Grenfell Mills v. Polk County 53-2020CA-003162 ESM
Writs PDF icon 2021CA-000984-Matias_et_al._v_Polk_County_Order_on_Petition_for_Writ_of_Certioari-denied.pdf Matias et al. v. Polk County Order on Petition for Writ of Certioari 2021CA-000984 ESM
Writs PDF icon 2020CA-003170_Lee_v._DHSMV_order_denying_writ.pdf Lee v. Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 2020CA-003170 ESM
writs PDF icon 2020CA-002799-Roe_v._Polk_County-Order_Denying_Petition_for_Writ_of_Certiorari.pdf Roe v. Polk County: Order Denying Petition for Writ of Certiorari 2020CA-002799 ESM

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